Wetherby Young Offenders – Children In Need

WiSE (Wetherby in Support of the Elderly) works in partnership with Wetherby Secure College of Learning, based at HMYOI Wetherby.
Grass cutting is arranged for elderly people who find it difficult to maintain their own lawns. In summer, the lads will be busy cutting lawns; in winter some general maintenance work is carried out separate to the grass cutting scheme.

Once you are part of the scheme their is an annual fee of £25.00. Weather permitting and depending on the number of lads available, we aim to cut your grass every 4-5 weeks if we can.

The scheme supervisor is Andy. All his trainees are risk assessed before they take part in the project for suitability to earn Release or Temporary Licence. They will have already been to horticulture course and will be working towards NPTC units, which they can extend whilst on the project. This qualification gives them a great chance of a job which therefore reduces the risk of them re-offending.

The scheme is the only one of its kind in the country and has received national publicity and praise.

Children in Need

Have provided a grant to enable the structure which allows the service to operate.

Not only does the scheme help the elderly in the community, it has also created a very positive interaction between young and old. The elderly have seen the trainees in a new light and, in some cases, the young people see the older people as surrogate grandparents. Residents have also commented that they feel less vulnerable to burglary; as a well kept garden makes it less obvious that an older person is living in a property.

WiSE have received many letters of thanks for the project from satisfied residents and the trainees are, justifiably, very proud of this.

Connecting Communities Award

An award was presented to WiSE and the boys for winning the Connecting Communities Award, as the project has brought two communities together, that would otherwise never have met. It has also given both parties an understanding of each other along with feelings of mutual respect.

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